Saturday, August 11, 2012

Men imagine that they communicate their virtue or vice by their actions and do not see that virtue or vice emit a breath every moment.

Hi all my dear friends, today you´ll be able to discover what happend when all of us thought...

Are you ready?  Let´s start.

All of us thought that those heavy threatening clouds which had been shadowing our clear horizon disappeared forever, but we were quite mistaken.

Though apparently my inner wounds  were cured, I still was homesick for my family, my friends, my nest.
Homesickness... a kind of depression that is caused by absence from home and everything that supplied me energy and vitality. It´s aterrible thing to bear .

Nostalgia often distorts the real world we live in to such an extent that we don´t live-simply exist like flowers or trees.
The same happened to me, my dear friends.There were moments I preferred daydreaming to an active style of life, because only dreaming and sleeping emigrants can meet their families, enjoy their company, feel they are not alone being abroad.

Despite my problem, I had to advance - the sooner the better .

We were trying to cheer up one another giving love, support and understanding .
 The latter was the essential ingredient of our future hapiness.
Without that element no family of emigrants can survive living abroad without any of their relatives.

Moving forward, making progress we  adapted ourselves to Spanish culture, customs, people-
 in short to our new life.

Among Spanish people we met a family of my husband´s friend.Those people were so generous and hospitable that made us feel for the first time  like at home, more protected.
They are REALLY great people , who I am grateful to and will be for the rest of my life.

Those people stayed by my side when the most terrible thing happend to me.

I had to face a rather painful period in my life.

As you know, we had only one daughter, so we were anxious to have a boy.

The desire was very strong and we were full of  hope believing that everything would work out very well for us.

                                                 Soon I became pregnant but...

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