Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In the midst of the ocean of foreign people I had to look for a way out to show my daughter that a good captain never abandons his crew, but shows them how to keep the ship afloat.

One morning a postman knocked on my door. He brought a parcel for us.
I was very upset that day and at first didn't notice who was the remittent. Anastasia, my daughter, jumped out of bed and ran to see who the parcel was for.
The parcel was from Ukraine.

 We were hugely happy to find out that my parents sent us some very special for both of us objects of attachment we had forgotten in Ukraine and that had a lot of sentimental value for us. At that moment I felt a kind of warm vibration in my brain and experimented that unparalleled sensation of being caressed by my mother´s soft hands.
God, it was so wise of them to send us those things.
Without any doubt those who live far away from their nest  are able to understand what I'm talking about. I'm absolutely convinced that objects of sentimental value can alleviate almost all illneses emigrants tend to suffer from. Migraines are the worst ones.
I was suffering from them as well and I can assure you that what helped me renew my energies and get over it were the objects of sentimental value. They have nourised my heart and my withered soul giving me lots of hope.
The lack of our close relative's affection and the warmth of our nest make us, emigrants, more vulnerable and more fragile.

Memory... in its recesses we can find a kind of a safe harbour enjoying our remembrances and soothe for a while, at least for a while, our pains.
Only memories can make the impossible-make us smile when we are about to cry, make us happy when we consider ourselves the most unlucky people in the universe.

It was strikingly surprising...

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