Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hi my dear friends.

You can not imagine how happy I am knowing that you visited my blog yesterday.
I´m so grateful to you for showing your interest and for making me feel more comfortable, more inspired .

I´d like to share with you the story of my life and make friends with all of you.

I´d love to meet people who can understand me, who had to cope during their lives with the similar life circumstances or  just people who are interested in positive psychology and gestalt psychology.

I´d like  you to continue reading the second part of my story in Spain.


I must say that none of us were prepared for such a strong blow that was awaited for us and in addition to it we had no previous experience as emigrants.
My husband was 28 and I was 27. He could speak some Spanish.
Although he had been working for two years in Spain, his Spanish was't very good, but it was enough to get by.
 As for me I could speak only English. So you can imagine how impotent I was feeling myself at times knowing I had to solve lots of issues without being able to speak Spanish.
I have never thought that  English is hardly spoken in Spain and that's why I was rather surprised that there were no people around who could speak English.
Since my daughter was 6, she had to go to school.

Soon we started experimenting an authentic hell.
Psychologically it was too hard to bear all that tremendous burden, I mean seeing my husband unable to help me, my little daughter crying every day because of not being able to speak Spanish, play and study with other children at school.
It was a kind of emotional crisis that all of us were suffering from.

The worst thing was to watch my daughter, who was only six, adapting herself to that new atmosphere.

Oh my God, that period of my life was really awful.

Recollecting those episodes now ,frankly speaking , I DON'T KNOW how I managed to cheer up my soul and make my daughter and my husband feel not so sad,considering I left all my family and  all my friends in Ukraine and had no support. It's something I still don't understand.
But what could I do ?!
Put up with all those circumstances and  trying not to give up.
I had to learn Spanish on my own in a very short term(I was quite lucky in that sense that I'm a philologist by profession), to arrange all our issues,because if not, my family would have been ruined by that destructive powerful wave.

To my surprise….

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