Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The best moment in my life was when…

About myself.

My name is Kate. I´m  from Ukraine, but due to certain circumstances I´ve lived  with my husband and my children in Spain for 8 years .

My husband decided to go to Spain looking for a job ten years ago. Meanwhile I had to continue my studies at university in Ukraine .Our daughter was four years old.To tell you the truth, it was at times so difficult to combine my studies with the upbringing of my daughter without my husband's help that I used to think  it was the end of my career .

But those nasty days had faded away and I got my Bachelor's degree .In two years I and my daughter, Anastasia, were able to join my husband in Spain.

It was like a magic dream!

A supersonic flight from Kiev to Spain and all of us were immensely happy again.

It´s just impossible to describe what one feels after such a long separation! It's a tremendous explosion of emotions, feelings, sensations…

My heart was full of happiness and my mind at rest finally!

My daughter, Anastasia, was six years old then, in 2004.

Happiness is something ephemeral.

Fate …only she…. knows everything!

Soon an avalanche of setbacks and hardships came down ….

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