Friday, February 22, 2013

Hope you enjoyed my last work on second language acquisition.

Today I would like you to take a look at my new piece of work on classroom discipline.

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Here I go....

Classroom discipline.

´´Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, whether you like it or not´´. (Thomas Henry Huxley, n.d.).
Discipline is one of my core values in this life. The heart of my mind. It helps me to organize my thoughts and knit the thread of my life without regretting anything. Being a teacher and a mother of two kids I´m convinced that without discipline we can  not achieve some of the essential objectives: culture, positive attitude towards other people and social institutions in the society we live in, consistency in everything we do, politeness, respect towards oneself and other people, empathy...

Discipline is a pillar of the classroom management, since without it would be impossible to establish a due order in the classroom. Harmony in a class and a positive relationship between a teacher and his/her students tell us about the discipline that reigns in that class and a great deal of work done by both participants of the process.

   First of all discipline is a very complex notion and as such should be considered seriously. Precisely discipline problems cause demotivation, conflicts and negative attitudes towards subjects. In short, those problems ruin mutually respectful relationship in the class.
We, teachers, should manage to find solutions to such discipline alterations by seeking opportunities to develop rapport in our classes bit by bit and with a lot of patience on both sides. To succeed in such a difficult task we should practise consistency while administering classroom discipline. It is useful to pair actions with their appropriate consequences.
  Students will be able to maintain discipline if we discuss from time to time desirable and undesirable behaviours. Setting up a code of rules elaborated between students and teachers will definitely bring discipline and order into our classes.
There is no point in dominating our pupils and showing our power as teachers, trying in this way to make them study, because students´ conduct is impossible to manage from a distance.
  The only thing that works is proximity! Getting closer to your students opens you a way to their hearts and minds. At first subconsciously and later consciously they will realize that we, teachers, are working and struggling for the same goal. 

Discipline is tightly connected with the society we live in and its government policy. It´s not an easy task to predict any future issues. From my point view there are two possible options. The first one- the future society and its schools will build its values and principles on the basis of discipline and order motivating students to progress being responsible for their own learning. The second option-might be the society full of disorder and low-motivated people (students).A chaotic atmosphere where teachers would be considered the only people who want to revive and foster discipline to save the society from the ruin.

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