Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Everything is evolving, nobody can stop growing life !

We are conscious that we were born to share our joys and sorrows with other people in this world.
Some of them are with us for a while, others for a long period of time.
It´s strikingly surprising ...as a rule,people who accompany us for a brief moment,even for a few seconds, leave a profound trace in our mind. What is more, normally we change our perception of the world to such an extent that we take into account the least important things.
As a result , our life is getting much more interesting, full of colours and new forms.
We tend to investigate and discover the unknown. That is the way to live our life, since it is short and we can not predict anything!

Today I invite you to talk about webquests.
Do you agree with me that this kind of activity is of huge relevance nowadays ?

I wish we could discuss this topic and enrich each other´s experience.

The usefulness of webquests.

  From my point of view this type of activity is a powerful tool, because webquests help us, teachers, encourage students to read, write, listen and speak in English. ´´Educators must find research-based, effective pedagogical strategies to incorporate these new tools into instruction´´ (Brucklacher and Gimbert, 1999) 
Webquests bring the real situations into the class making students feel themselves highly motivated, generating interest and promoting critical thinking skills. While searching for authentical resources to learn how to select content and critically analyze it to in the end make their final product informative and relevant thanks to collaboration of the whole class.

 There are lots of advantages of using web-quests that have to do with such important points for classroom management as motivation, integration, discipline, independence and responsibility for their own learning. Being motivated students work hard on their tasks and there is hardly anybody who   has a reason not to do it, as all of them are conscious that without collaboration and agreement they will not be able to gain their aim- to create their own ´´ masterpiece´´. They know  and feel during the process that they are bound to succeed in fulfilling their promise if everyone takes into account that effectiveness depends on their discipline, highly- organized interaction, emotional climate.’ Face-to-face interaction is embedded in the webquest strategy, as students provide each other with assistance to complete the webquest task´´(Doolittle, 1997)
Web-quests prove to be one of the most effective activities that help teachers to cope with discipline, classroom control and establishing rapport in teacher- student relationship.´´...it is a time where they can learn something important...they get to show off their creativity and their ability to work with others´´( Frye,n.d.)

  I wonder what will happen to web-quests in the future...
They´ll probably be transformed into a more complete and ideal type of activities for future students, as everything that have to do with the internet will definitely have a ´totally new look´ providing students with the new tools and resources.
It would not be a bad idea to encourage our students to investigate and make their own discoveries related to the webquests .
I´m always wondering what will my pupils do with the knowledge they learn from any webquests? And I must say that there is a huge universe of opportunities. It depends on their actual needs and real situation – everyday life. Having a good base any student is capable of modelling his/her own ways to perfect the existing webquests and make the important contribution to the whole class work. Shared learning experiences and new knowledge are what the students obtain from the webquests and precisely shared learning experiences make them grow mentally and perceive the process of SLA from a new for them perspective.
Students give up their time with enthusiasm and interest participating in the web-quests, and for me- it´s a sign that my pupils are motivated .They feel that their effort was worthwhile. I expect that in the future students will not lose their motivation and will even work more productively.

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