Thursday, October 11, 2012

If you have a special person in your life,

make him/her feel unique,feel happy!!

I have fallen in love a couple of times in my life

and must say - it´s  WONDERFUL !

Saying ´´I love you´´ is enough to make ourselves  feel good,

 to provoke that volcano of positive emotions and tender feelings inside our body.

It happens when we love someone truly and deeply.

I don´t know if you´ve noticed that ,when you feel love you need no

stimulus to create things , to study, to work...

In short ,be successful in your life.

But at times we have to experience strange feelings and live quite odd life stories.

Let me tell you about one of those uncommon situations.

I can bet it´s happened to some of you already,

I mean falling in love with someone being married or engaged.

You can say ´´And what?´´...´´Nothing new.´´

The thing is - when it occurs, you normally start being more distant with your actual partner,

feeling  you can not put up with everything related to him/her.

At the same time your affection towards your new beloved keeps growing like silver flowers

after some magic rain.

Romantic attraction is something that is felt from within ,

it´s so powerful that simply can not be controlled by our


Although there are some ways  in which we would try to make up our interior passion.

It´s something essential for those who are not free and want to live their new love story

feel themselves HAPPY being married or engaged.

Lots of people think that it´s elemental to fall in love from time to time to

feel themselves satisfied ,happy and important.

I agree with you,it´s quite strange !

It sounds a bit peculiar-but, maybe,

 if we try to listen to those people more attentively we would be able to comprehend

 what they are talking about.

Their life experiences can reveal a lot,believe me.

Make it a point to notice that...

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